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This is a service of Switzerland Global Enterprise in cooperation with MendelOnline.

To register for free use of MendelOnline in Switzerland or Liechtenstein, the below details are required. Please note that this registration is only possible for companies established in Switzerland or Liechtenstein.

After registration, you can carry out free searches in English or German in the modules Nomenclatures, Customs Tariffs, Import Formalities and Rules of Origin of the portal.

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We may retract statements of consent made by us with prospective effect at any time. The communication channels mentioned below may be used to request information on our data stored by Mendel Verlag GmbH & Co. KG as well as correction, deletion or blocking of personal/company-specific information on us at any time. We are aware that we can find further details on the processing of our personal/company-specific data in the Privacy Policy mentioned below. *

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